Friday, December 5, 2008

Quality laptop components store

Quality laptop components store sells a wide range of quality laptop.
components and peripherals at discounted prices. We offer original and generic laptop components and peripherals for most major brands (Dell, IBM, Compaq/HP, Apple, Gateway,
Sony, Toshiba, Acer, etc.), including laptop batteries, motherboards, hard drives, DVD/CD-RW drives, docking stations, port replicators, AC adapters, laptop auto/air adapters, keyboards and other accessories.

This is a Brand New 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery for Pavilion DV2000 and DV6000 and Presario V Series. Compatible Models: HP Pavilion 2000: Pavilion dv2000, dv2100, dv2200, dv2300, dv2400, dv2500, dv2600, dv2700, dv2800. HP Pavilion 6000: Pavilion dv6000, dv6100, dv6200, dv6300, dv6400, dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800. Compaq Presario V: Presario V3000, V6000, V6100, V6200, V6300, V6400, V6500, V6600, V6700. Replaces part #s: 411462-141, 411462-261, 411462-321, 411462-421, 411462-442, 417066-001, 432306-001, 436281-241, 436281-251, 436281-361, 436281-422 , 440772-001, 441425-001, 441611-001, 446506-001, 452057-001, 454931-001, 455804-001, 460143-001, EV088AA , EX941AA, HP010515-DK023R11, HP010515-P2T23R11, HSTNN-C17C, HSTNN-DB31, HSTNN-DB32, HSTNN-DB42, HSTNN-IB31, HSTNN-IB32, HSTNN-IB42, HSTNN-LB31, HSTNN-LB311, HSTNN-LB42, HSTNN-OB31, HSTNN-OB42, HSTNN-Q21C, HSTNN-Q33C, HSTNN-Q34C, HSTNN-W20C, HSTNN-W34C, NBP6A48A1, Product Specifications: Rating: 10.8V Cell: 6 Cells Contacts: 6 Color...

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