Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuel Saving Device

Gas prices have soared and you can't afford to buy a gas-saving Hybrid car. Studies have shown that you can improve your fuel efficiency by simply driving sensibly and obeying the speed limit. But if you want to know specifically what you can do to improve your driving and your gas mileage you will need the Kiwi Fuel Saving Device.

The Fuel Saving Device is not just a fun gadget but a useful device that will monitor your driving and show you exactly what you need to do to maximize your fuel efficiency. Simply plug the Kiwi into your on board diagnostic port which is located by your steering column, as long as your car was manufactured after 1996. The Fuel Saving Device then uses a sensor the will analyze your speed, RPM's and engine load and identify what areas of your driving are wasting precious gas mileage.

Now you're probably thinking, "My car already calculates miles per gallon." But the Kiwi Fuel Saving Device does more than that. Almost like a game the Kiwi calculates and shows you a score for how efficient your driving was and then gives you a goal to beat the next time you drive. It instantly gives you a description of what kind of wasteful driving habit you are doing, from rapid acceleration to heavy breaking and then describes what to do to minimize wasted fuel and money.

The Kiwi Fuel Saving Device also includes features that will check your engine for Diagnostic Trouble Codes, calculate how much money you saved on gas since the last time you drove, and can clear the "Check Engine" light.

If you're looking for a way to be more eco-friendly and reduce the amount of gas you are using, get this green gadget here...

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