Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dell May Change Technology

Dell, the world’s second largest maker of personal computers, announced quit of its chief technology officer (CTO). The change of CTO may mean that Dell will change the direction of its technology development going further, something that is hard to ignore, considering the size of the company.

Kevin Kettler, chief technology officer at Dell, will leave the company in mid-January, about two months from now, reports Reuters news agency. Mr. Kettler has spent thirteen years with Dell. Earlier this month Dell also announced departure of vice president of marketing Casey Jones, who continues to advice the company.

In the past year, Mr. Kettler has focused much of his time as Dell’s CTO on storage and other IT hardware technology, the news agency noted. His leave may change the direction of technology development at Dell.

Dell has been working on rebuilding itself for several years now after Michael Dell, the founder of the company, returned to the post of chief technology officer. According to a statement by Dell, Mr. Kettler played a key role in shaping the strategy of Dell. It is unclear who will eventually replace the CTO and on which the company will concentrate then.

Dell stressed that changes among executives have nothing to do with cost-cutting efforts of the PC supplier.

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