Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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The Computer Technology Documentation Project

The Computer Technology Documentation Project is pleased to host the online version of four volumes of Agustin Velasco's Series about Linux

  1. Volume 1 - Installation and Internet.
  2. Volume 2 - System Administration.
  3. Volume 3 - Multimedia and Hardware Installation.
  4. Volume 4 - Networks and Servers.

A Practical approach to EnterPrise Java Beans

A Practical approach to EnterPrise Java Beans - Originally written in Power Point format this guide by Kantimahanti.N.S.Prasad teaches component technology characteristics, standard infrastructure needs , containers, J2EE architecture and its components, EJB model, EJB specifications and roles , types of beans , EJB interfaces and session contexts, life cycles of different beans, and more.

GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search Engine


This site contains computer documentation and information in various technical areas including markup and web languages, operating systems, hardware, programming, and networking. This documentation is suited for beginners to experts. There are various tips, editorials, and weblinks in several categories.

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