Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Looking for another way to be "green" and save yourself some money on energy costs? Wind is becoming and ever more popular way to conserve energy and be more environmentally friendly. Now you can join the wind power trend with this 12 Volt Air X Wind Generator.

This modern-day windmill is constructed of a cast aluminum body and carbon fiber composite blades, which helps cut down on wind noise. All you need to do to save some green and become "green" is install one of these wind generators near your home and allow it to harness wind power in order to run electronic devices and appliances, charge 12V batteries and act as backup power. This eco-friendly wind generator will deliver up to 400 Watts of power and will automatically shut down when batteries are charged.

If you live in the area of the country where wind is not in short supply this 12 Volt Air X Wind Generator will be a great investment and savings on future energy costs.

If you don't have a tall pole or building for mounting your generator you can also get a 30 foot Tower Mounting Kit here...

Find the Wind Generator here...

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